Menus are not as same as in demo

Hi, We have recently bought a theme link given below… We were already using a custom developed theme. Now we loved this layout and responsiveness and bought this theme. Now when I placed my menu on the navigation, it does not works like the menu shown on the demo. Demo link: For me it looks like a simple ordered list and there was no drop down list or effect. Even if I place any images on the corresponding regions those effects are not getting reflected. I was following the documentation provided with the theme ~Drupal_Splash/Documentation/index.html. But it does not explain about my doubts. Please note that we already have an existing site and we need to get this theme up and running on our site with all these effects. Please let us know the step to implement the menu and all the other effects. Kindly please let me know if there is anything else I can do to get this working on mysite. Thanks & Regards Naveen