If i try accessing the Library from the Media popup I get a blank screen. 


Any thoughts? I know in Media 2 there are issues with the youtube sub module

Hello Tom,

Are you using media 2.x. Maybe the issue caused by JQuery Update 7.x-2.4, you should downgrade to 7.x-2.3 

Also, when using media 2.x some modules was NOT working. We have update our modules to work with media 2.x. So, send email to [email protected] to get new modules.

Thank you.

Hi there

I am using the installed version 1 of Media but had upgraded the jquery module.  Just donwgraded and I no longer have a white screen.

Thank you !

jQuery is already in version 7.x-2.6. I don't think it is a feasible and secure solution to downgrade to 2.3 to fix this trivial problem. When is the real fix expected to be available?