Hi guys! I´ve installed Mailchimp module (although I´m not using it since I´m ebbeding the code in the blocks) and created a block with the form. But the design seems to move to the left a little bit like 1/2 column. Does anybody found same problem?
Could you please take a picture of the problem for reference? Thank you!
here it is Thanks Jimmy
Don't know why when see the attached picture. :) Could you send me the website url? I will firebug to check and fix the problem for you. Sorry for this inconvenience! Cheers. Jimmy.
Hi Jimmy I´ve sent the development server and user info to Cong through Skype. Can you ask him? I don´t want to leave it here open :)
I got the url. It seem to be you want to add a Mailchimp from to contact page. But because you input all html, css and javascript to the page, therefore it effect to the style of the page. I see there is a module which allow you to create a Mailchimp webform. It's here https://drupal.org/project/webform_mailchimp Please try it first. Let me know if you still get problem. Cheers. Jimmy.
Or you just want to fix the style, let me know I will help you to fix it.
I´m installing mailchimp webform (and webform module too) to give it a try. also, where can i find the subscribe item of the footer form? I want to translate the button to spanish :) I´ve found #subscribe class at the stylepreset.css I´m also thinking on changin´this block with the mailchimp default form to have all the lists organized at one place
Ok, I´ve tested the webform+mailchimp webform module and it´s not what I´m searching for. When using this 2 modules togheter you get a new field in the webform module for mailchimp that let´s you integrate the existing fields (merge tags) of your lists. Wich it´s pretty awesome, but, for what I see in the options, it does not integrate with mailchimp, you have to download the information and you will loose the integration with statistics (opened emails) and if you have any dropdown options you loose it also (like a country list) Ideas? I´m uploading you the mailchimp tags and the webform itself
OK, I give back the old form and fixed the style for Mailchimp form. Please check it. Cheers.
HOW DID YOU DO THAT!!!! you guys are AWESOME thanks thanks thanks thanks
Is there anything besides the mailchimp form that I should copy to the development site? (i´ve seen that you have embedded the css styles somewhere else, but don´t know where) Thank yo Jimmy amazing job again
You just need to edit the block and copy the block content to new block on your new site. Cheers.
Hi guys. I think you might need to install an antispam filter ´cause spam machines have found you and they are craaaazyy!! Anyway, Happy Easter to all, and coming back to the mailchimp and forms, I wanted to know how to edit the subscribe (newsletter button on the footer) I want to translate the button to spanish :) I´ve found #subscribe class at the stylepreset.css I´m also thinking on changin´this block with the mailchimp default form to have all the lists organized at one place, I presume that to do this I would need to create a new block, and style it before. Thank you so much guys and KILL THE SPAMERS!!! YEY! PS: Happy Easter to all of you who have holidays or are not in an insomnia cycle :)
Thank you! Happy Easter to you! To change the of Newsletter form put js below to evolve.js file under assets/scripts folder. $("#edit-newsletter-submit").attr("value","new"); Note: put in inside of ready function Cheers.
With the changing newsletter form to Mailchimp form, let do it then if you get any problem about css style, let me know I will fix it for you. Cheers. Jimmy.
Hi Jimmy I´ve tried to modify the newsletter form as much as I could to fit the mailchimp form in, but sadly I couldn´t fix as much as you can... (I hate you) can you fix it for me to match the existing one? Also 1 thing more about the forms: the one in the contact page, how can I edit that one? And before uploading the page to the final server. How can I disable the colour toogle tool? thanks again
1. Please put css code below into less/pages.less file #mergeTable input { display: inline; } #mergeTable input.btn { margin-top: -4px; } 2. To disable the colour toogle tool: Remove "Style Selector" block from "Copyright" region. Please see attached image for more details. 3. Contact Page: What do you want to change in contact page? Cheers.
I´m not worthy to talk to you Jimmy. You are the css Master! About the contact web page form I realised later that I was logged in and that´s why I saw the mail and the name at the form. :P I presume this form deppends from the contact module right? so it has default rows and settings Never mind Thank you so much Jimmy. You guys are awesome <3
It is just the default values of drupal contact form. It get the name and email of logged in user as the default values. I think it's OK. Cheers.

Thank you! It is recommended that you install the module using composer io games, which will automatically retrieve the necessary library.