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Hi, We purchased your Palas theme and have been using it with some success. However I've hit a possibly non standard application I would like some assistance with. I'm using your TABS shortcode for the about page which is in 4 sections (tabs). I'd like to have links in both the top menu but also the front page which links INTO each of the tabs. So by default the first tab is open/active but id like to be able to link into the other tabs so a different one other than the first is open. Can you please tell me firstly if this is possible and secondly how to do it? I've tried using the link location for the tab ... eg "" but that doesn't work for me and just loads the page in its standard way with the first tab active. I presume I'm going to need to manually "activate" the desired tab with java script on page load which seems to be the way others are doing a similar thing with standard accordions. I'm new to most of this but will give anything a go if you can point me in the right direction and where the code would need to be inserted. I've based our site predominately on the demo site.

Also I'd like to change ALL the big yellow buttons to have our dark blue text colour. Can you tell me which CSS or LESS file I need to edit. I've tried in the custom one under the sub theme but it is being over ridden with an important! elsewhere even when I put important! at that level. This file must not be the last one loaded in the chain so I'm going to need to go further up the chain or create a custom class I guess??

And lastly I want to put one of those big yellow button in the sticky menu bar and so it doesnt collapse with the rest of the menu but stays there like the logo. I've tried creating another section in this header region on the layout but that doesn't seem to work. I've thought about putting it with the logo but cant even find which block that is ... maybe its drupal core and cant be accessed from the blocks menu? Where and how can I add a button to the sticky menu bar which wont collapse with the rest of the menu?

Your urgent assistance on these three things would be greatly appreciated. Regards, Paul


You can add js code below to link to tab from url

  var hash = window.location.hash;
  hash && $('ul.nav a[href="' + hash + '"]').tab('show');

  $('.nav-tabs a').click(function (e) {
    var scrollmem = $('body').scrollTop();
    window.location.hash = this.hash;

For the custom css, you can add it to style.less file under lessc folder


Thanks Jimmy. Sorry I'm new to this. Where does the js code go in my two menu link applications ... 1. From the top bar menu item I want to create as a submenu under about 2. as in link within the page at various places ... eg . "Read more..." as a link into the tab on the other page.

And lastly what part of the code or the linking reference containes the hash or tab identifyer I want to open up on load?

Or is the above just generic and will make my normal linking as in my example above work if I use the correct # reference. In which case where/how do I add the code. Sorry to seem dumb I do recognise stuff but have only really been programming html,css,sql and java for a couple of weeks after a break for a decade and a half. And never in the drupal cms or any cms for that matter as they didnt exist back then. ;)

Thanks heaps.

And lastly my final query ... how do I put the button in the sticky top bar menu but not where it will collapse with the rest of the menu links. It needs to stay visible always.

And to really add some fun into the mix hahaha ... can I change the text inside that button based on some database queries which will indicate what extent of the registration process people have done. Eg unregistered (this is in civicrm backend linked through drupal and webforms) will still see register now. Fully registered who have paid their registration fee etc. I would like to change the text from Register NOW to something like "Donate NOW". We can handle the linking side of it with the webforms I believe but I'm just wondering if you could point me in the right direction / correct terminology so I can do the research to create this functionality. It may even turn out easier to just create a whole seperate front page for registered users as the content will probably all need to be different.

Thanks heaps.

Hi, Can you help to open a ticket in our ticket system then our team member will help you on the issue


Hi Jimmy, I'm still having no luck with this js code. I've inserted it at the end of the palas.js file in both the palas theme and the sub theme directories. I've tried using different #ref tags by putting ids in various containers and also using the default # directly to the drupalexp tab for the particular tabs. Still no luck.

Can you please describe a little more what I need to be doing?

My intention is to be able to use a url to my about page which includes the # for one of the four tabs on that page. And when that link is followed (either linking field in the text of the other pages or from the top bar menu) the respective tabs will be opened on about page load. Please advise,

Thanks heaps, Paul

Hi Paul, Please open a ticket then send me your site url, admin account and ftp info, I will help you to check the issue. Thanks!