How does this work? In the menu --> add link section, there is a field for "Link Icon... I have tried putting a Font Awesome reference in this field but it does not seem to render. How is this used?
Currently link icon does not work. We will fix it and send you an update asap. Thanks!
Can I get the fix too?
Playing around with the drupalexp code, it seems that rendering the menu is based on the native drupal theming engine which doesn't know about link icon. Anyway, my work around add the following function function add_icons(&$menu_tree) { foreach($menu_tree as &$info) { if (isset($info['#original_link']['options']['link_icon']) && $info['#original_link']['options']['link_icon'] != '') { $info['#localized_options']['html'] = True; $info['#title'] = '<i class="fa fa-fw ' . $info['#original_link']['options']['link_icon'] . '"></i> ' . $info['#title']; } if ($info['#below']) add_icons($info['#below']); } } and change from $menu_tree = _dexp_menu_submenu_tree_all_data($tree, $menu[1]); $menu_tree = menu_tree_output($menu_tree); $output = render($menu_tree); to $menu_tree = _dexp_menu_submenu_tree_all_data($tree, $menu[1]); $menu_tree = menu_tree_output($menu_tree); add_icons($menu_tree); $output = render($menu_tree);
Hello, Did the function described fix the issue for those with the problem? I am also having the same issue.

I would like this fix as well. 

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