Hello, Since I upgrade Evolve from Drupal 7 to Drupal 8, I'm not able to add link on a flipbox anymore.

In the past, I just add the < a >< /a > around the the [flipbox][/flipbox] but since Drupal 8 and Evolve, I'm not able to do that anymore. Is there a way ?

Thanks for your help

Hi yanx1990,

Why you don't add the link inside the flipbox content?



Thanks for your answer. I can add it on the flipbox content but the problem is that the behavior is totally different on the screen. See picture below and check carefully the pointer ;)

Before with Drupal 7 :

Now with Drupal 8 :

Is there a way to get back the behavior we had on D7 ?

Thanks, Yannick

Hi Yannick,

The d8 version does not support to add link for whole flipbox, just can add link for content.


Damn ! Ok, I will work with a custom view in that case ;).

Thanks for your reply. Kind regards, Yannick