So how do you determine which layout is being used? Say I dupe default and start editing a layout, streamlining and changing the order and config. How do I then apply that new layout to the home page? Do the secondary pages use another layout? Or is it sitewide? Sorry, so far this is opaque. Also there are 8 homepages. I see that that some blocks show up on different pages and you are navigating to those pages. But there seems to be more going on that just block visibility settings. Do all of the homepages use the same layout? Can you give more info? I would like to clean out what I am not using. Thanks Matt
You can create new layout and assign it to any page you want. You just need to assign it to "Pages Assignment" field at the bottom of your layout. Please see attached image for more details Thanks!
Excellent. Don't know how I missed that. Thanks. buying a theme always has trepidation, what kind of nonsense will one find. So far I am impressed that this lives nicely within the drupal world and this layout feature is a great extension. Thanks again. The second part. It does seem that the home page configs are about block assignments. Still sifting through your structure. Thanks again.