I have two questions regarding the layout style tool:

1) Why is it always there? Surely when you are logged out, you do not want any casual visitor to the page being able to change layout and background, etc. So how do you turn it off so that only an admin user can access it?


2) When I try the "presets" function, I get an error as below. Why does this happen, and how to fix it?






This site can’t be reached

user’s server DNS address could not be found.



Hi Tim,

1. The layout style tools is not a feature of theme yet. It's tool to show visitors presets and some options in themes. For production site we recommend to disable it by uninstall Dexp Quick Settings module.

2. Could you create ticket support with your site info then we can help to check?

Thank you.


Thanks for the help.

Just one more question -- how to create a small user login as a menu item on the menu bar along the top right of the page, in the same menu bar as the pages, search button etc.

Can it be done this was as opposed ti having the big login  form at the bottom of those home pages?

And I think that's all I need for now.

Thanks again for your good responses




Thanks again for the good replies.

I just have one more question. Instead of having user login form at bottom of the pages, how can we put a login option as a menu item at the right of the navigation menu bar at the top of the page -- say, beside the search box?

That's all I need to know for now!

Thanks so much for your useful replies