Hey guys, I am having trouble adding a layerslider block to the landing page. I mean, I have created the slider and all that, but I don't see a way to add it to one of the "blocks". any pointer would be helpful. thanks
system will generate a block for slider automatically. So if you finish the slider, you can jump to http://your-domain/admin/structure/block to assign slider block to your paga. Cheers.
In that case I doubt that I am not able to "finish" the slider creation process. I am unable to even see ways to edit the text layer (format the font and such), the "preview" always shows animation of 'slide to top' doesn't matter what animation I select and how many times i 'save' the slide. Please help, I want to implement it on the home page instead of the carousel that is there currently - http://cityzen.co.in/cityzen. I could give you admin access if you want to check it out for yourself. Please help.
Hi Jimmy, I am still unable to add the slider to my page because it never "creates" a block when I finish editing the slides. Have tried multiple times. Is there an update or some settings/permissions that I need to check so that the block gets created. Also am I unable to edit the fonts and other attributes of a text layer to my slides, is this by design, or am I missing something here. thank you.
disappointed. I could be mistaken, but i thought that layer slider and its support is also envato/themesforest domain. Never mind, thanks.
Hello altafam, Please send your admin account your site to [email protected]. We will help you to check and fix the issue Thanks,
hi guys, this discussion seems like the issue I've been experiencing. When adding a new block, the field "Select slideshow" does NOT appear (SEE ATTACHMENT). looks like a PHP issue. I'm working with my local machine but I'm available to put it live if you wanna verify it. cheers, romeo
Hi Altafam From the menu bar -> LayerSlider-> Settting. Verify that you have increased the number block up yet?

Hi guys,

I have the same problem.

I create a new layer slider.

I increase the number of blocks in layer slider settings.

But I don't have a new block associated to my new layer slider (automatically created).

I try to create a new block, in region settings I specify "slider" but I don't have any setting in my new block where I can associate a slideshow.

I tested my new layer slider in a existing block and that's ok.

Can you help me please.

I use Jollyness - Multipurpose theme.


Hey aurelienneau

I guess for me it turned out just changing the number of layerslider blocks from 3 to 5 solved the problem. I suggest you can try it.

Menu->layerslider->settings -> change number of blocks. blocks "should" be automatically added, and you should be able to place them where you want.


ok, thanks it works.

I try to surch block with my slider's name but it was 'Layer Slider block X'


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