Layer slider shows dummy.png


I have a layer slider on the home page that was working fine. I had 3 images all around 1680 x 580px and around 700KB in size. I removed one of the images and replaced it with a pic that is 1180 x 575 and 515KB. The original images show but the new is blank. It's img src is "/modules/drupalexp/modules/dexp_layerslider/assets/images/dummy.png"

I've deleted and reupload, cleared the cache but still get the same result.

Thanks, Bill


Can you give me the utl and admin account for checking?


bill pass111

It's the home page slider. The 3rd pic is causing the issues. The smaller version is mgm 2_0.jpg on the 3 page of the images library.


I don't know why the image uploaded to dexp_sliders module folder. I've tried to remove the image and upload again with another one, it works.

Please try to upload again with another image.


Just found the cause....the file name had a space in it. I changed the file name, upload as a new image and it works.