Layer Slider Not Working as Expected

Great theme. However, when I try to edit the slider, I can not set any transitions. If you visit You can see that the main page is trying to do animations. But no matter what I set when I create the slide. I try Short from Top, or Skew from left, the only thing it ever does is fade in fast. On that first slide (the bride and groom) I have long from right, start 2000, end 0, speed 100. And no matter what I change, nothing ever changes on the slide. It always just fades in. Is there some sort of global area that I need to fix to make this work? Any help appreciated. Edit: After checking, it doesn't seem to work in Chrome -- but does work in FF, Safari, and IE.
Hi, We just released new version of dexp_layerslider module. Please contact us to get it.
Contacted you by writing to [email protected]. Please let me know if that is not the correct email.