I purchased Richer theme, but the slider is not working.

I imported "home_variation_slide", and added its block to the slider region, but nothing happens

The preview also not working on the slider builder, When i click preview, everything slide up and disappear.

There is JS error on the page, maybe it is the problem? Firefox's console shows: TypeError: $(...).bxSlider is not a function

The website can be seen here: http://nyugalom.infornax.hu/

Please, help me, thank you

Same issue here.


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Please go to Modules and enbale the Dexp Views BXSlider modules.

You site don't have bxslider library.

Please check and enable it


The Dexp Views BXSlider module is enabled

I've installedd the template with installation profile, so the bxslider library is at profiles/drupalexp_richer/libraries/bxslider
Is it the right place for the library?


Yes, It right.

Could you Create a Ticket and send us admin account and ftp info?

We will check and help you.

What is the solution to this?


Now, we support through ticket system, so please open a ticket.

Thank you.

Hi, I'm having this problem and I opened a ticket but nobody answers... 

My slider was working and suddenly it stopped. The libraries are on sites/all/libraries/bxslider
The module is also enabled.

What can I do?

I am also having this issue where the Slider has suddenly stopped being editable.  The slider still works, but it is not editable in any way.  The only thing I have done is upgrade to Drupal 7.41 since the last time it was working.  I have put in a support ticket.  This is a critical issue as we are talking about an event-driven production site.  I need to get the old events off the slider and the new events up.

Did you get this working yet? Same issue here. 

Same problem for me and no answer to my ticket.... Any solution?

Hello I bought the Effecty Template - Responsive - One Page Drupal Theme 
The slider is broken can not edit or create new slider have published two post in ThemeForest and have not responded me and I could not create a support ticket telling me that purchase code is already being used by another person.


same problem here. does anybody found a working solution yet?

For everybody with the same problem: the support provided me with a solution!

Download the following file, unzip it and update in sites/all/themes/richer/assets/js folder:

Any luck with this. Having the same issue. The slider works in admin logged in but not for anonymous people. I checked permissions and there isn't any issues with it.