Layer Slider not showing text

Hi, I've set up a few slides and the text is never showing, only the background image. I've imported a demo slideshow, same behaviour. I've exported my slideshow to my local demo setup and it worked fine. What can be wrong?


Sorry for problem, it was problem with ctools latest version (ctools 7.x-1.10). Please create ticket support then we will send update of slider module.

Thank you.

Hi - I'm having exactly the same problem. I posted a ticket 5 days ago but am still waiting for a response from support...

Same problem here!

Reverted back to ctools 7.x-1.9 for the time being.


I have this problem too. Would like to see any info about how to fix it.


Also hoping for a fix. I downgraded ctools and that did work. However, we will to be able to update ctools at some point. Is an update available?

I purchased the Evolve theme from Themeforest. 


Shame on you. 59$ and still these problems unsolved after 2 weeks. I had the same problem and resolved temporarily downgrading ctools to 1.9 (thanx for the download url :)) but this is unbelievable!

ticket created. awaiting upgrade!

Hello Andrea,

Could you provide ticket id?

Thank you.

Same problem here. Can you gus do something about it? Thanks. 

mi ticket was just deleted!

Same problem here. I have some themes.. (orane, eventus....) and downgrading ctools not solve the problem.