Layer Slider & Menu has browser incompatibility

Hi, I have used Organic Food Drupal Theme default menu but when I had tested menu on Safari browser on my macbook air while sliding down to page menu goes left and then again comes at default position no any special effect applied, even I had checked same menu of website which is using same drupal theme & giving same issue. You can also check on our website: for testing issue. In Layer Slider all major effects are not working on Google Chrome Browser on any OS like: bouncing effect & all other major effect which is working perfectly on Mozilla Firefox, Safari check live slider here: so kindly please provide us any bug fix for that or module update on that. While making layer slider there is preview button to see effect which is applied to layers under one slide so when we click preview it is appearing blank screen and when we click on Exit Preview it is coming at default state see screenshot here:… Before purchasing theme I had seen drupalexp had mentioned that this theme is compatible with IE9, IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome browsers & I am using all the latest versions of the browsers. Hope we will get support on above issues soon. Thanks.
Hello, To fix this issue, you open sites/all/themes/organicfood/lessc/style.less file, go to line 75 and change:
.transition(all 500ms);
.transition(padding 500ms);
Hello susu, Thanks for fast reply. Menu issue is solved but what about Layer Slider issue, please provide some solution on remaining two issues. Thanks.

Did you get a reply? I am having trouble with Layer Slider in Chrome with the Evolve theme.  Maybe related?