Layer Slider - Doesn't seem to work on Drupal 8.7 / 8.8


I just brought the 29USD license of the layer Slider to test and after install on our 8.7 build, it seems not to be working. Is the slider updated to work on 8.7 or 8.8 ?

The Slider Editting page is broken in a number of places.

Also, your ticketing system is broken, cannot subit ticket because a dropdown "Item" is mandatory but there is no values to select. hence I am postng my problem here.


So this company is not open anymore? Why are you still accepting payment then? Also your advertised demo is different to your actual installed product. Is this a fraud ?

Hello we have bought the Nation theme and we have discovered that it doesn't work with drupal 8.8.
We have tried since weeks to open tickets but we have never received any answers from nobody.

We are very disappointed as you are.



We also brought the Drupal 8 version of the DrupalExp Layer Slider. After the installation, the page to add and manage slider seems broken.