Hi I just purchased this theme how do I get the demo site to show up?
Thank you for purchasing our theme. Please follow the document which attached in the package to install the demo site. You should use full installation to install because that is fastest way to have demo site. :) Cheers.
STEPS to do:
    Create a new database in your phpmyadmin/cPanel tools and create database user.
    Import the supplied database.sql.zip file (located in Packages folder in your package) into this database.
    Upload the "demo" folder to your server. In most cases you will unpack it under the public_html folder, www root folder (windows hosting) or the root folder of your server.
    Change the database info in sites/default/settings.php to match the database name, user and password for your new created database.
    Done. You can login to manage site folow url: http://domain.com/user with the default admin account is: username: admin, password: admin.
Hi, I have purchased the Theme just now, and did an install through Appearance-->Install New Theme-->Upload as zip method. It showed me that it has installed successfully. But now, nothing in my drupal site, that i had created earlier, seems to work. It just shows this one error (as in the JPEG) PDOException: SQLSTATE[42S02]: Base table or view not found: 1146 Table 'symtech_yo.image_dimensions' doesn't exist: SELECT * FROM {image_dimensions} id WHERE id.fid IN (:fids_0); Array ( [:fids_0] => 9 ) in file_entity_file_load() (line 225 of /home/sym_yo/drup/sites/all/modules/Drupal_Jollyness/Packages/modules/contrib/media/file_entity/file_entity.module). Please guide/assist me to get my original site up with the theme. Thanks Kind Regards Kapil
Please follow the attached document in the package to install the theme. We provided 3 ways to install the theme: 1. Full installation 2. Profile Installation 3. Existing Site Installation Please see more details in the document. If you still cannot install the theme, please send us your URL, FTP and admin account via [email protected] email. We will help you to resolve problem. Cheers.
Hi, Appreciate your quick response. I will try once more and let you know. Thanks. Kind Regards Kapil
ehi jimmy, I just downloaded the jollyness theme and.. I wonder if you can help me.. just a couple of weird things about the installation process: 1) I can't find the "the attached document in the package to install the theme" .. am I missing something? can you please tell me where it is placed? 2) anyway I followed the steps you pointed out above and set it up a fresh installation. I changed "the database info in sites/default/settings.php to match the database name, user and password for your new created database" as you suggested. Now I can see the live website on localhost/mysite (see attachment 1) but I can't login through localhost/mysite/user (see attachment 2). Thanks for your help versions: Apache/2.4.7 on Ubuntu - MySQL 5.5.38-0ubuntu0.14.04.1
Hi guys, /?q=user made the trick and let me login with the default user=admin and pw=admin (I just needed to simply attach it to the website URL). anyway I'd really like to know how to install a bundle with example data (if one is provided). Now that the admin panel works I'm gonna take a look around and test it. thanks, romeo
As my reply in this post http://themesvision.com/forum/where-jollyness-documentation, please anable clean URL mode on your server then you can access to the website's pagas as normoal. Thanks!
just for the sake of other users: http://themesvision.com/forum/where-jollyness-documentation#comment-562 thanks for your help, it occurred because a wrong installation and the link point out where to find the documentation. thanks, cheers, romeo