Joomla 3.3 Eventus Theme - Megamenu

Hi there - I tried to send a ticket but an error that the purchase ID exists in the system appears.

Please open two browsers >> FireFox and Chrome

go to

The megamenu is not displaying the first list of links at the top in Firefox - but works in Chrome

Please assist as soon as possible - no changes to css code or layout etc have been made.

The site has however been moved to a new server so it is strange it works on one browser and not the other.

Cache has been cleared. Tried to upgrade with the new eventus download (UPDATE Folder - and while all went blue it is still not displaying the actual text in the menu in FF)

Thanks in advance

Licensor's Author Username: dhsign
Licensee: Marina Pinto

Purchase Date: 2014-08-25 13:59:34 UTC

For the item: Eventus - Responsive Event Joomla Template
Item ID: 6369836

Hi again.

It has been figured out. Turns out the font Oswal 300 and 700 don't work anymore in the template (reading from google fonts) and that is why the text wasn't showing

As soon as I made font-weight:400 the links were visible again.

Please assist in closing this topic. Thanks


Thank you for your asking, but the Joomla version is not published by drupalexp team yet. :)