I notice that this latest version that I purchased does not include the jollyness_sub subtheme. I would like to have a subtheme so that when you update the theme I can just replace the entire jollyness theme folder without coping over any changes I have made.
Hello, Yes, the subtheme does not included in demo yet, but I can find it in Packages folder. Thank you.
I was working on a site using the jollyness theme when a drupal security update came out. I hadn't gotten all that far so I decided just to start with fresh install of drupal and jollyness. After downloading a fresh copy of jollyness I noticed that the latest version doesn't have the subtheme. It's not in the "Packages" folder as it had been in the past. I thought I should be able to just upload and enable my local copy of the subtheme with all the changes I've made but that didn't work.
Same thing here. No sub theme. Wouldn't it be nice just to make a zip file available somewhere? It would be greatly appreciated. Tx

Tried to make a sub-theme from Jollyness here, by copying the whole theme, changing the .info filename and directory to my theme name, and renaming the functions in template.php.

It appears as a new theme, and I can change the settings for it, but only the main content region appears. Nothing appears at all in the other regions.

Anyone have any ideas what is missing?

Has anyone got a sub-theme of Jollyness working?