Issue when updating to Drupal 7.36

Hello customers,

We have found that the content type portfolio will be disable when updating to drupal 7.36 ( because this content type is created by code in module not Features module.

To fix this issue temporary, pls open node_type table and change fields disabled and locked form 1 to 0. Change custom field from 0 to 1. After that do flush all cache in Drupal.

We will consider to update the module to avoid this issue when updating.

Thank you.


I went into the node_type table you indicated and changed and, in the dexp_portfolio row, I switched the "disabled" column cell from 1 to 0.

The I flushed cache, ran cron and finally loaded update.php.

Nothing change, can you please provide further instructions?

Thank you very much


Hello rmimpianti,

I have just updated guide to fix this issue. We need change 3 fields in node_type table

- disabled 1 -> 0

- locked 1 -> 0

- custom 0 -> 1

Thank you


fixed smoothly. Thank you very very much


I skipped staight to 7.37 and as of now it looks like it is ok. Should we be chaning those fields for this version?

Hi park3d,

You don't need to do this.

Thank you.