Installation paths Drupal_Benz/Demo/


I did the full installation as usual (I've purchased several themes from drupalexp/cms-theme):

- created an empty db
- imported the sql
- placed the files at at the root of my directory (which looks like public_html/[files here])

I noticed that all of the content paths from the installation are like this:[path/filename...]

Why is the imported DB placing files with the "Drupal_Benz/demo/" path? I believe this might causing some sort of 500 internal server error for my installation. Is there a way to eliminate this segment of the URLs paths? Ideally the paths will just be like and NOT


I was able to get this installed with the Profile, but since there is no default content, it's not really that useful. I'll still need to install a full instance to see how all the landing pages and various blocks are set up.

Hi Lupe Rodarte,

The full demo is in folder Drupal_Benz/demo. Please copy all file in folder demo to folder in your server.

Thank you.