install theme on commerce kickstart

Hello, i just bought this template an i'm trying to install it on drupal commerce kickstart. i followed these instruction from the docs: ------------------------------------------------------------ Theme Only The following explains how to install the theme with existing sites. In order to do this there are several steps that must be completed. Copy both the shoot and drupalexp themes (located in package at Packages/themes) into your sites theme directory (sites/all/themes).. Install and enable jquery_update module and change jQuery version to 1.7 Enable the Shoot theme from Appearance menu. Copy modules from sub folders contrib and drupalexp at Packages/modules to sites/all/modules and enable modules you want to use Copy libraries from Packages/libraries to sites/all/libraries. ------------------------------------------------------------------- i got a lot of errors about duplicate modules: views,ctools,entity ... if i remove the modules from "public_html/profiles/commerce_kickstart/modules/contrib" the admin panel stop work if i remove them from site\all\modules it seems that the theme setting doesn't work because i can't see the drag and drop layout configuration windows (like the one in the docs...) please advice, thanks

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