Hello I am now installing your theme on an existing site. I guess I will ask several questions, but it will be useful for you too, then you could extend your documentation. Because currently it has not a lot for this scenario. I installed the theme, modules and libraries as indicated. I adjusted node types and try to import views. Here I encountered the followin errors 1. Blog Views Sort criterion handler node_counter.totalcount is not available. Unable to import view. --> What is this sort criterion? 2. Blow Views Configuration / Portfolio Views Configuration Partly you use Dexp bxSlider, Dexp Responsive Grid or Dexp Portfolio. All of theme do not have any views selected in the views definition. However you show text, image and date (plus number of commnents). I assume all is defined in CSS, but where are which fields exposed? Do you have any documentation? I want to adjust the views on my custom node types and therefore must understand how to apply the correct settings Addition: In principle I should know what is the function of your custom Dexp elements and what is in the css file. Is it right, that the only relevant CSS file is style-blue or style-orange etc. depending on a choice somewhere made? thanks for your feedback
Hello, There many views and blocks on demo site, so we can not provide step by step to configure all in the documentation. To install theme on existing site, we strong recommended you to install full demo version then follow it to copy to your site.
Hi, I installed the full demo installation and wanted to copy the views and got the error above. I am aware that node types and fields must map, but I do not understand the problem above. However, this is not my biggest problem and you can leave it as it is if you want. My biggest problem is that one needs more documentation to work with the theme (see my other comments and mails and my comment above): - How do your Dexp Views work? What do they assume? How can I use custom node types with them? If I cannot use, give information where adjustments must be done - Describe the concept: Where are CSS files to be changed are where not (see also other comment)