Image Style not generated when using views

Everything worked great. After last drupal core update to 7.57, now my views are broken but it only happens when using this theme. I have a few views, on the homepage for example, it shows a thumbnail image, body summary & title of blog article. They are on a grid using views. All works but the image wont show. See the source code and the code seems correct. However on the FTP files in sites/default/files/styles the folders/images are not being created.

When the page loads, the image styles are not being created. This only happens with views though and before the update it worked fine. NOTE: if i am on the admin seven theme editing my view, the preview there does show the image and they work. Only the Jollyness theme does not generate them. Is there something in your code that might interfiere with this? What is going on?

I cannot simply use views on the admin to generate manually because i have hundreds/thousands of articles & images and i cannot be previewing on admin every single page to generate them! Why can't jollyness update/create images when using views?

I found this:

Tried everything there and nothing worked. Which leads me to believe that this may be a jollyness problem and not a permission error or anything like that because if that was the case, the images would not get created from the admin seven theme. It is strictly a Jollyness problem i think.

Anyone having this issue also? How can i fix this?

In most cases these problems are likely to emerge due to any convenience caused by server configuration and performance. As w web developer from NursingEssaysUK I would suggest to go check it out it's documentation or community where it may have sort of solution of image reloading. Though things have very much cleared and solved in later version of the application.

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All the answeres are here

All the answeres are here

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