HTTPS fonts differently on Mac using Google Chrome

Hi there, I have a weird issue here where the Evolve theme seems to render as expected on all supported browser although using Chrome on the Mac when using SSL the fonts are totally mismatched or something of that sort... Everything else seems to be working appropriately (i.e. the rest of the styles.. and sites functions) but the look of the site is thus totally awkward. I tried different Mac computer, with different Mac OS, with the site hosted on different servers, with different providers, different SSL certificate and different settings, etc.. and always the same result. Safari renders fine both http and https equally, the issue seems to only be with Chrome and only the secure https version. I have other drupal website running on these servers with other themes and they don't show this behavior. The problem is that I want all my traffic to be using the SSL version only, for many reasons, including SEO purposes. And the additional issue for me is that it seems like most of my costumer are Mac users, using Chrome! So really wondering now if anyone can comment on this Mac/Chrome/https issue... and of course what could be done to fix this.
I bought this theme so I can use it with SSl.. can anyone tell me if I made a mistake?
Would appreciate some basic feedback here please...
Hi Vince, Have you tried replacing http by https protocol for google font in style.less? Thank you.
That was it!! Awesome. Thanks lehoa85 I really appreciate!

Hey @vince, I have read your post carefully, In my opinion, this is not a very uncommon problem in the Mac iOS device. I have seen it happen before you can use the safari if that is bugging a lot. Sometimes it happens due to bots attack. It means the internet or google takes you as a robot system trying to hack. So if possible you can use a robots tester tool if you want to be sure it the case. On the other hand, you can also consult an Ios expert about this issue. I hope you get a solution. Have a good day. Thank you.!

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