Hi As per our discussion on skype this morning I share some take-aways with other users until you complete the documentation. Dexp Responsive Grid Is a grid based on bootstrap. It can be more ore less be used as any other views. When simply showing some fields, then no styling is needed in LESS (CSS) or any template Dexp Portfolio With this view it is possible to create a masonry grid and add filters. When creating a fitler, then you have to write a template file (see below) As long filter is *not* used, it is not needed to create a template for styling. It should also be possible to add fields as in Dexp Portfolio the same way as in Dexp Responsive Grid. Current State: I tested this and it does not work. I get an empty view Dexp Masonry Grid Same as Dexp Portfolio Grid, but here it is possible to set different sizes for each item Creating template files Rules for naming: node—NODE-TYPE—VIEW-MODE.tpl.php. The corresponding view mode is chosen in the view definition. Attention: When you use e.g. "Teaser" as it is in the demo installation, then the template file for teaser not only affects the layout in the view but everywhere the teaser of that node type is used. Hope this helps @themesvision team: Could you please give feedback about Dexp Portfolio using fields (see problem above): Was the information wrong, that fields can be used here the same way as in Dexp Responsive Grid? Or is it a bug of the theme? Or is any additional configuration needed? thanks