How to point to a layou as start page?

Hey there,

in the documentation (under Drupal_Evolve/Documentation/index.html#!/layout-settings) I can see different layouts. I also created a layout for testing purposes. This works and I saved the layout. Furthermore I can see in your online demo links like to access the layout (here landing-home which points to landing home layout). In the demo installation I can see the menu link is called "node/32" for the parallax home which does not help me for my live installation of Evolve.

I also checked the path module where the nodes are pointing to alias names - but I can't find the layout names here. How do I know what I have to enter in the field at admin/config/system/site-information for "Default front page" to address a particular layout?

I read some other posts here and it seems nearly the same but I don't find the exact information I have to enter for an special layout.

Any help is appriciated, thanks!