How to download the theme I bought?

Download Page is empty, but we bought Evolve theme in May 2020.


Sorry for the problem. We just fix the download issues. Please try to access the downloads page again.

Thank you.

Sorry, but its still nothing in my download page. Thank you

Hi bagus, Please check again.

Thank you.

Now already normal again. thank you

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Drupal 8 places all core themes under a directory named /core/themes, and places all contributed or custom themes under a directory named /themes (in webroot). Source: online assignment help services by UK Academic Writers.

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You'll be able to download the WordPress theme or plugin as file (what is file? ) from the purchase confirmation tab, the college writers for hire confirmation email, or your account as soon as your order is finished for your preferred plan. Let's take a brief look at all of the options.

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I had a ExpressVPN 1 Year Plan so , I face no problem to download this theme. With a safe and secure internet connection, I can surf or download from online.

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