How to correctly update to new version

I have installed full demo and want to know how to correctly update to new version which came out today.


First login to your site as admin user (user id 1) so that you can run update.php later. 

The way i do it and works every time is to download the latest version of drupal and delete all the files an directory that belongs to drupal core. Important: do not delete /sites/ directory because this is where all the contrib modules and themes exist, along with your files directory and settings.php. 

Now upload the new drupal version to your exising installed directory and run update.php in your browser (ie,

Check to make sure it has been updated in your report page.

Personally, i prefer to use Drush to do the updates in less than a minute:  

The final part would be to update the new modules. In your theme distribution, there should be a folder call package (whatever it is named, it is the folder that holds all the modules). Upload these modules and replace it the older ones. If the theme files have been updated as well, then do the same replace the old theme. Lastly, run update.php in your browser to finalise the update. 

Hope that helps.


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It's hard to update a new version of a library. Here's the correct way to update dependencies using only npm from the command line.