How to configure transparent slide banner


I would like to force the slider banner to be transparent - so that the menu is covered as in the transparent menu option of the demo page.

I assume it is a CSS class that needs to be set but I cannot for the life of me figure out how you are setting this in the demo site!



Hello @walkern,

Please see the link to guide configure menu on Palas theme.

Thank you.


Thank you very much.

hi lehoa,

if i used the global "header-overlay" in the basic appearance setting Custom HTML class, how might i set the menu on node/61 to appear white individually?



Hello ben,

I can export files and send you to import into your site but I want to introduce you a very useful module called Context and the way to do this, so please follow steps as below to do this task. 

1. Goto http://YOURSITEURL.COM/admin/modules and check on Context UI module

2. Add a context by clicking on Structure >> Context >> Add at admin menu

- Input white_menu on Name textbox

- Input White Menu on Tag textbox

- Choose Path at Add a condtion dropdown, click on Path link and input node/61 into Path area

- Choose Theme HTML on Add a reaction dropdown, click on Theme HTML link and input header-light into Section class textbox

- Click on Save

3. Replace header.less (lessc folder) by new one from attached file (I just move position line css to meet requirement)

4. That's all

Thank you

Thanks Lehoa!

This is really nice of you. As a result of your explanation, I was actually able to effect a more efficient solution by simply editing the header_overlay context and add the nodes where I do not want a white menu bar.

Until you showed me this, I didn't know about it. Thank you.

Best regards,