How can I download update?

I bought theme Evolve on Now it is not avialable for download there. Here there are no links for download too. Where can l download updated theme?


I have the same issue.

Received the Email to download the update for the Evolve theme on April 27, 2018. When the to the downloads page under my account an there are no download links available.

Could you please help.


I have the same problem. Received "We'd like to let you know that an update to your item Hotec - [node:field_subtitle] is now available in your Downloads page." today but the Downloads page is empty.

Meanwhile I'm having a real issue since the 8.5.1 update, namely that by editing the homepage slider the site stopped working, I submitted a ticket about this a few weeks ago but never received a reply.

Please reply either this or my other message. The site does not work since the update.


Hi, I just bought Evolve for Drupal 8 but where can I download the files? There's no link here