Help is needed with Eception theme

Hello, Thank you for this very nice theme (exception). while installation process was OK, there are some issues when trying to config this theme with a current site. I have installed all the contrib modules + theme modules + libraries files Also, i think you should fight spam on your forum + dedicated forum for this exception theme is missing -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I'm unable to load logo and favicon. when trying to do so i get this error: Fatal error: Call to undefined function drupalexp_form_variable_realm_variable_theme_form_submit() in /public_html/includes/ on line 1513 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Also, I'm getting this error whenever I'm trying to edit any of the theme appearance settings: logo, header, etc. Please advise, BR Itzhak

Please use cpanel access,


You will have access to all resources, and be able to update any files,

 please don't forget to update me about any doen changes,




OMG, Please do not provide any info here. It's public forum.


THX, just saw it please remove my last post....


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How did you resolve this?

Having the same issue...



First, thank you for your great Drupal themes!

This happens when you check the "Theme settings" on the Variables tab of Multilingual settings :


It seems that the DrupalExp framework is not compatible with this multilingual option.

As a feature request, would it be possible to have this option available please?