gmap shortcode incomplete



It looks like this shortcode offers more features than the Javascript implements. Below you find my diff to improve your JS (dexp_gmap.js):


< title: $(this).data('title'),
< link: $'link')||'#'
> title: $(this).data('title')
< $info.append('<h3 class="title"><a href="' + $'link') + '"' + (($'link') == '#')?'':' target="_blank"') + '>' + $'title') + '</a></h3>');
> $info.append('<h3 class="title"><a href="' + '#' + '">' + $'title') + '</a></h3>');


Please add this change to the next update and edit the documentations too in order to reflect this improvement.

This should be added to the next update. 2048

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