Getting the "Home Video Background" block to stay below the main navigation menu

Hi, I'm using the demo as a template to work from, and I want to try to get the "Home Video Background" to work in the slider block, while remaining below the main menu that has the logo and navigation (by default it seems to start above the menu, then drop below when scrolling).  If you go to you can see that they have acheived this, using the layerslider in the slider region.  

You can see our site at, and we have worked around this temporarily by placing the home video background in the content region, but as you can see this restricts the width.  I'd love to get the "home video background" working in the slider region the same way the layerslider is used on the webpage.  Any help is greatly appreciated!

Actually, please disregard this.  I noticed I was changing the position of the slider in the theme's "default" layout settings, not the layout that was actually being used.  I apologize for any time I've wasted :)

Hi Connor Reviere,

Thank you for choosing our template. Could you please open a ticket on our support ticket system?