Front page slider is not displaying right.

2 issues at this point: 1. the picture and part of the text are covered by some kind of black grid 2. the main title of the slide appears just when the animation happens then dissapears thoughout the whole slide display. appears again for a fraction of second when the dissapearing animation happens.

Hi Daniel Finder,

Thank you for chossing our product. Regarding to the issue you mentioned above, please see my feedback below 1. This is from slider configuration, you can edit the slider, select Global Configuration tabs then remove "twoxtwo" clas in Overlay Class textbox 2. This is depend on the anation that you selected for the object, please edit the slider then change animation for that title.


Thank you for your prompt response. First issue was solved, However second issue didn't go away. It is very strange behaviour. I deleted completely the Layer, and re-created it using the same format as the other layers I have within the same slide(all other layers work perfectly). The only things I changed were the font and the position. I completely removed the custom animations and ease-in and ease-out effects. It does the same thing. Text comes in with the animation and dissapears rigth after the animation is done. reapears again at the end when the end animation starts. the text doesn't stay between animations.

here is a snapshot of the settings: maybe I am missing something.

Also you can see the behaviour on the website:

please advise


Can you help to open a ticket then send me the admin account for checking?


I think I figured it out.

Looks like the first layer in the slide has this behavoiur. I created a fake layer and put it in the first position. so the bug will affect only that layer.