Hi We're trying to implement the counter used in theme demo (http://demo.drupalexp.com/shoot/page/about-company). but like in your demo, the counter doesn't stop when he reaches number='2000' or some other value. do you already have any solution for this?
Could you send me the shortcode that you are using for checking? Thanks!
hi jimmy here we go with the shortcode: [column cols="3" begin="1"] [stats icon='fa fa-coffee' number='20']Jahre Erfahrung[/stats] [/column] [column cols="3"] [stats icon='fa fa-folder-open' number='8']Gesprochene Sprachen[/stats] [/column] [column cols="3"] [stats icon='fa fa-thumb-tack' number='2000']Quadratmeter Büro- und Lagerfläche[/stats] [/column] [column cols="3" end="1"] [stats icon='fa fa-clock-o' number='2000']Erfolgreiche Projekte[/stats] [/column]
Seem no problem with the shortcode format.could you please send me your site url,admin account and ftp info to [email protected]?I will help you to check and fiz the issue. Thanks.
Like Mirko, same issue -- as noted, demo site does same. Can you post fix on forum when available. Thanks
There is a problem with count function in themes/shoot/assets/js/shoot.js Please use function below to replace for the old one. function count($this) { var current = parseInt($this.html(), 10); current = current + 1; /* Where 50 is increment */ $this.html(++current); if (current > $this.data('count')) { $this.html($this.data('count')); } else { setTimeout(function() { count($this) }, 50); } } Thanks!
thank you!
Sweeet! Thanks