Exception theme is not editable


I have purchased and install Exception theme on 2 different instances (for testing purposes only) . first is the full install with demo content, second is on current Drupal install.

In both cases theme option are not editable end generates errors. Could it be that this theme is not functional correctly out of the box? 

Even in the full demo site, you can't change layout, logo, color scheme - all data is lost and not being saved. in the regular current Drupal site it is also break the current site with fatal exception error.

Please advise. 

I have the same problem - Exception doesn't save color data. Did anyone resolved that?

I wanted to purchase this theme but I'm unable to view the main menu correctly when the screen resolution is 800px or less.

In mobile view, only 1st level menu appears. Is anyone experiencing this issue?

I installed 2 instances, and first time color scheme worked, but now on the actual site it doesn't. Did anyone solved it?