Is there anyone on this forum who bought the theme Exeption?

I have the following problem...

When I click the link af a single portfolio tem, then it is going wrong.

  • Notice: Undefined index: comment_node_dexp_portfolio_form in drupal_retrieve_form() (regel 806 van /home/superinkoo/domains/
  • Warning: call_user_func_array() expects parameter 1 to be a valid callback, function 'comment_node_dexp_portfolio_form' not found or invalid function name in drupal_retrieve_form() (regel 841 van/home/superinkoo/domains/

It seems there is no content type at all.

I get no response from the ticket support of Drupal EXP!

Can anyone help me with this?


I just found about that same problem today. The whole content type is gone.

I found out that the problem occures when you upgrade Drupal core to the latest version 7.36

I just did a new install of the theme with demo content, updated all the modules and all works fine, but when I upgraded Drupal core and then checked the portfolio, I found this bug and the content type is gone.

So obviously it must have something to do with changes in the latest Drupal core..

My error message looks like this:

  • Notice: Undefined index: comment_node_dexp_portfolio_form in drupal_retrieve_form() (line 806 of /home/tmh/domains/
  • Warning: call_user_func_array() expects parameter 1 to be a valid callback, function 'comment_node_dexp_portfolio_form' not found or invalid function name in drupal_retrieve_form() (line 841 of /home/tmh/domains/

Hope this helps !  and please if anyone figures out what the problem is , please tell us how you fixed it.


Ok, thanks so far! the error is similar as mine. 

I think that Drupal Exp has to restore this anyhow. Also release a new Exception theme with the content type included. I created some tickets, no response however...

When I found out anything, I will let you know, but honestly said, I am wating for DrupalExp!

Thank you for your reply ! I agree, Drupalex should take care of this.

I will offcourse also let you know if I figure something out.

Great!! I am going to try contacting DrupalExp

I found out something about the exception theme. 

Disappearing of the portfolio content type is not the drupal core updating. I first Updated to Drupal 7.36, no problem, the content typs is still there. But when I updated the modules: Fancybox, Features, Shortcodes and Forms, the content type is gone, database overwritten.

When trying to put back the previous version of the modules, the content type still gone. When loading the old database again, it is ok, the content type portfolio is there again.

Also...which module is responsible for that..I create a ticket and hope I get an answer.


Hi !

Great research work ! This should help out Drupalex to find an answere. Hopefully you get an answere on your ticket..

I even found out, no matter what module I update, the Portfolio content type disappears after any module update or install!

Hope so to...!

Thanks also!

That is bad , hope we figure this out soon, good work  !

Try this work around 

go to table node_type, edit field dexp_portfolio and change "disabled" from 1 to 0

clear you cache

You will see your content type now :)

Thanks for this contribution.

However, it didn't work out for me..., after vlearing cache, I can't still see the portfolio content type

Hi I did the same I set disabled = 0, but when I refresh phpmyadmin it goes back to disabled = 1

In Drupal clearing cache doesnt help.

The solution!!!
To resote Portfolio content type, in phpmyadmin, you select table node_type and change fields disabled and locked form 1 to 0. Change custom field from 0 to 1. After that do flush all cache in Drupal.

Fantastic ! thank you both very much ! :)

Hello all,

We have found that the content type portfolio will be disable when updating to drupal 7.36 ( because this content type is created by code in module not Features module.

To fix this issue temporary, pls open node_type table and change this field from 1 to 0. 

We will consider to update the module to avoid this issue when updating.

Thank you.