Evolve Theme and dexp_bxslider


I purchased the Evolve theme and it is working well, however at some point I began to receive the following warning.

The following module is missing from the file system: dexp_bxslider in drupal_get_filename() (line 268 of /var/www/html/core/includes/bootstrap.inc)

The slider on the home page has stopped working during the same time frame. The website can be found @ http://clearadsplatform.com/ . Is there a link available to download the missing module or any other assistance that can be provided? Thanks!

Hi irajuneau1979,

The problem is from some module are removed from module folder without uninstalling first. Please open phpmyadmin then run query below

DELETE from system where name IN ('dexp_bxslider') AND type = 'module'

Please remember to backup your database before deleting these tables.