Error:Unresolved Dependency when trying to update to Drupal 8.7.1


Just purchased the Benz theme recently and was able to install the demo version and working just fine.

However - when trying to update some of the outdated modules and the Drupal core to 8.7.1 version I am getting the following errors (when running update.php):

UNRESOLVED DEPENDENCY dexp_image_browser (Missing) DrupalExp Setting Benz requires this module.

UNRESOLVED DEPENDENCY dexp_image_browser (Missing) DrupalExp Page Settings requires this module.

I am using the theme on a project and requirement to get the site up and running is quite urgent. Would really be grateful for your support on this.

Thanks very much.

Jason M.

Hello Jason,

Could you verify if the dexp_image_browser module is exists in modules/drupalexp/modules folder? If not, please try to copy it from Package/modules folder.

Thank you.