Error when trying to use the slide menu


When I select "layer slider" in the administration menu, I get an error - the same error occurs if I install using the non-commerce profile, or if I setup a new installation manually. I guess it should be noted that I am using postgres and no mysql.

I would appreciate some help sometime - I would open a ticket for this, but I cannot even do that.



here is a screenshot

I manually create the table using the mysql import file just to see what happens. Now I have  a permission problem. See attachment for info.


Hello walkern,

To open ticket, click on Ticket Support and input your purchase code, after that create new a ticket. If it still have problem, please send your site URL, admin account and your FTP account which we can help you check the problem.

Thank you.

thanks for the response - however, I don't have the option to enter my purchase code anywhere. When I create a ticket with I get a default content entry form. screenshot is attached.

And yes I can give you access to the site, but I won't be publishing the credentials here!

Hello Welkern,

We have resolved problem with ticket system. Please try to create ticket again.

Thank you.