Error when i create a new taxonomy


i have the following error when i create a new taxonomy

FieldException: Attempt to create an instance of a field field_files_category that doesn't exist or is currently inactive. in field_create_instance() (line 476of /___/___/Sites/devdesktop/____-dev/docroot/modules/field/

any idea what is going on?



I have a similar error.  Can anyone post an answer please?

Hello RWoods,

Please open a ticket with your site URL + admin account which we can help you solve the issue

Thank you.

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I have a bunch of taxonomy term categories each with about seven terms. I went to add another term inside of one of the categories and when I tried to use it, i get an error. I started doing this...I selected one taxonomy term when creating new content, then saved it and it saved correctly. I edited the content, selected another term, then saved it. Up until the error was thrown.


If the field is not listed, it may have been deleted or disabled. You can try recreating the field by going to the "Add new field" page for your taxonomy (Structure > Taxonomy > [your taxonomy name] > Add new field) and creating a field with the same name splatoon 3 and settings as the "field_files_category" field you were trying to create.

Verify the field you are trying to create an instance for (field_files_category in this case) dino game is actually defined under Admin > Structure > Field types. If not, you need to create it first.