Error when i create a new taxonomy


i have the following error when i create a new taxonomy

FieldException: Attempt to create an instance of a field field_files_category that doesn't exist or is currently inactive. in field_create_instance() (line 476of /___/___/Sites/devdesktop/____-dev/docroot/modules/field/

any idea what is going on?



I have a similar error.  Can anyone post an answer please?

Hello RWoods,

Please open a ticket with your site URL + admin account which we can help you solve the issue

Thank you.

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I have a bunch of taxonomy term categories each with about seven terms. I went to add another term inside of one of the categories and when I tried to use it, i get an error. I started doing this...I selected one taxonomy term when creating new content, then saved it and it saved correctly. I edited the content, selected another term, then saved it. Up until the error was thrown.