Error on translation of taxonomy terms when showing as filters in a view


I am using your Drupal Evolve theme to create a two language site.I translated the terms of a taxonomy. For the English language everything seems to work fine, but when it comes to the translation to Greek language, a problem occures. I have created a page with a view and i want these categories to show up like filters. When i reach the greek page not all of the categories are displayed and the ones which are displayed doesn't show the right items.

For the better understanding of the problem i'm sending you 3 images. In the first image image1.jpg you can see that the taxonomy has 4 terms(english and 4 more, the greek translation). In the second image image2.jpg i am creating a new portfolio content, which belongs to all 4 taxonomy terms. Finaly in image3.jpg you can see the view with the test portfolio content i created, but only 2 of the 4 taxonomy terms are displayed.

Thank you very much.

Hi nikos.ko38,

Please help to create a ticket then we will help you to fix the issue.


OK how can I create a ticket?

Hi nikos.ko38,

Please login to our system using your registed account when buying the theme then you will see the link to create new ticket.


Hi Jimmy,

My employer had bought this template from probably a long time ago, so I don't think that he has an account on this page. Should I somehow create a ticket from his themeforest account?

Thank you.

Please email me the purchase code to [email protected] then I will check. if the license has expired, please help to renew it to continues get support service from drupalexp group.