Error Message | Undefined Index

Greetings lehoa85 and company,

I'm  now getting the followin error message:

Notice: Undefined index: und in include() (line 110 of root/sites/all/themes/palas/templates/node/node--product_display.tpl.php).

I never got this before. All I did yesterday is add and delete some products.

I'm going to roll back to my previous day's install.

I'll let you know what happens.

In the meantime... any ideas?



Hello ben,

It seems you have deleted product from Store > Products but NOT delete from Product display content type. So there is NO product entity map with Product Display. You need to view all Product Display and also delete them if it NOT map to any product entity.

Other way, we can fix this bug by opening file node--product_display.tpl.php (sites/all/themes/palas/templates/node) add wrapper condtion: 

if (isset($node->field_product)) {}

The code will become:

            if (isset($node->field_product)) {
                if (isset($node->field_product[$node->language])) {
                  $product = $node->field_product[$node->language][0]['product_id'];
                } else {
                  $product = $node->field_product['und'][0]['product_id'];
                print flag_create_link('wishlist', $product);

Thank you.

Thanks lehoa, for getting back to me so quickly. yes, i understand.

your products are great and your support is outstanding.

thank you,


Hello ben,

Thank for your kind words. If you love the theme and our support, could you help us rate 5* for this theme on themeforest? It will help us so much.

The link to rate:

Thank you

hello lehoa... yes, i would be happy to give you the maximum rating. i'm sure i will be using many more of your products.

Hello ben,

Thank for your believing in our products. We will try more and more to make great products in the feature. 

We will appreciate so much if you help us rate 5 stars for Palas theme on themeforest smiley

Thank you so much

hi lehoa,

i wrote a comment and left a 5-star rating. the comment is visible, but the rating is not. i guess you need one or two more ratings to become visible.

good luck! let's stay in touch.