Hi there,

I'm building a site using the Orane template. I've installed the dexp_portfolio module and all relating modules are enabled, however I can't access/find the Drupalexp Portfolio module page as shown in the first figue of the user documentation (it doesn't list either in the Sturcture > Blocks as the other templates do)

Could you also advise on what slider settings are used for the 3D testimonial slider as I cannot access/find this either!

Please advise,
Many thanks!!


The portfolio module provide new view mode in views settings. So, to create portfolio page, you just need to create new Views then choose view layout is Dexp Portfolio.

About 3D testimonial, it's shortcode. Please check on our demo site to know how to use it. http://demo.drupalexp.com/orane/feature/testimonial

Thank you.

@ Cong Nguyen, what are the possible values of class ="". And how can i specify animation. I think the animation for the testimonials is random. Although, most of the times each element just slide in left/right, which is alright, but i have observed that some times the animation is kind of weird. I don't know if the specified animation is random or not and what is the reason behind that occasional unwanted animation, may be that was because the page was not properly loaded or something else but i really want to know how i can sepcify the animation for the elements.

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