DrupalEx and Internationalization


I am finishing a project usiing your Craft template. It was very fun to work with it. However, I stumbled into an issue regarding translation. The site is bilingual, using the Entity Translation module so I can translate fields instead of nodes. It was relatively easy to make translation everywhere in the site except for blocks. Albeit we can enable the translation of blocks, your DrupalEx module seems not be able to deal with Entity translated fields in those blocks. The translated block fields were not editable. The workaround was to create blocks for specific languages, but it's cumbersome. 

It's perhaps a limitation of the Entity Translation module, or it's on your side. This is worth investigating.


It is more an issue of entity translation and also putting html in such block. Solved like you did. The key is onky use these block for rather static content. Or use php in the blocks (enable php filter module)

an example could be <a class="jtbtn-big anim" href="/content/shop" style="font-size: 18px; line-height: 1.6;"><?php print t('Buy now !'); ?></a>

the "Buy now" will nopw be availible in you strings to translate

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