dexp_menu Blocks not rendering in IE

Hi there.

I purchased your theme and must say great work so far.
Very stylish and tons of features.

The only issue i have so far is that blocks in dexp_menu are not rendering in IE (IE 11 in my case).
You see also on demo site of palas theme where no block is rendered while hovering the features tab.


Any suggests for that case?

Best regards


Hello Jan,

After debuging, we detected that the root cause was the line css in menu_attach_block module ~ .menu-attach-block-wrapper {
  display: initial;

Property display: initial doesn't support in IE. you can check more information about this information on Internet.

So, to fix this issue, you can add the line css to megamenu.less ~ .menu-attach-block-wrapper {
  display: block;

Thank you


Thanks for clearing up.
That helped me out:-)

Best regards 



Hello Jan,

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Thank you.

Yes! This solution worked perfectly. Thanks.