Dexp Responsive Grid format displaying issue


I am getting this displaying issue for some reason, this is using the Dexp Responsive Grid format in View, and Show is Content | Teaser, 

Helps are much appreciated!


Hello leon85321,

Please get the latest dexp_grid module from the attach file and replace for old module to fix this issue.

Thank you.

Can you please attach the updated dexp responsive grid module files? I would like to update them too.

i have the same problem... where can i find the latest dexp_grid module?

My grid is behaving still like in the picture even though I have the latest Jollyness 2.0. Any advice how to fix this?

I got my grid fixed with custom CSS. I added either 300px, 450px or 550px for min-height for the grids (more specifically element .dexp-grid-item) with different image sizes.