Dexp modules


I bought three licences of the yamato theme.

Now, after a mandatory upgrade from Media 1x to 2x I have problems of compatibility and major issues.

As an example I cannot edit the sliders anymore. I found this resource:…
and understand this is due to the fact that drupalexp modules weren't supporting drupal media 2.x

From this other thread…

I understand you issued new versions of the modules which are compatible with media 2.x branch,
on one of the messages of the thread the user Hoa Le write the following:

"We have upgraded our modules to support media 2.x after long time hard working. Please send email to [email protected] to get new modules.

Thank you."

I tried and wrote an email to support with no response. 

Now I'm even in more trouble, cause I had to switch back to media 1x and this resulted in the loss of all the slider.

Commenting a line of code I managed to see the editing page of the sliders, but not all the functions are available (i.e. can't  set the background image)

I really need a solution asap, please reply