On the bottom of my website page "technologies", I put a block Format: Dexp Masonry Grid It's based on Taxonomy named "Technologies". Each Taxonomy Term "technology" has a field "Technology type". Technology type terms are : CMS, Database engine, language, system I created some term into Taxonomy "technologies", each term has a value for his field "Techonology type". For exemple, "Drupal, Joomla" are terms from technologies taxonomy wirh technology type "CMS". The block is on the page http://splash.l-wa.fr/node/72 When Show All is selected, everything is shown, but if I choose one Taxonomy term from "Technology type", for exemple CMS, everything disapear. Thanks a lot for your answer Best regards Citananda
Hello, Please send us your admin account to [email protected] which we can check it for you Thanks,
Hello, I just send you the admin account. Cheers
Hello, We have NOT received your email yet. Please check again. Thanks,
Yes I did at 10 AM this morning to your mail [email protected] from my mail [email protected] I just had forwarded it again now. Can you check also your spam please ? Thanks
Hello, I received your email. Unfortunately, masonry grid has not supported view from Taxonomoy yet. Now it only support for content type. So, we need modify some code. Please send us your FTP, we will help you to fix the issue on Taxonomy. Thanks,
Hello, I just have sended you the ftp access. Wait for some news from you Thanks a lot Cheers Citananda
Thanks a lot it's working now. All the best Citananda Laxmi Web Agency