Dexp Grid does not work properly on node page

Hi, I am using the Dexp Responsive Grid, and it is not adhering to the configuration I set in Settings. For instance, I want to display 6 desktop columns on the 'Bootstrap=yes' setting, and it only displaying fact, no matter what I set, it displays 3 columns. I have used this Desp Responsive Grid on other pages (the portfolio page), but I cannot get this to work on the node page when added as a block. I've stripped the page down to its most basic element: I can't figure out what I may be doing wrong.


I confirmed that the Dexp Responsive Grid works on a "landing page" but not on the node page by placing the view as a block on the landing page. There, it works. Is there a CSS directive or something that's missing from a node page (that's a custom content type)?

I figured this out. There is some sort of conflict with DisplaySuite. If DisplaySuite is enabled for the view mode layout, the Dexp Responsive Grid will not work properly. Is there a workaround for this, do you know? DisplaySuite it a major layout tool...

Final comment: Desp Responive Grid DOES work with DisplaySuite, just not the DisplaySuite Bootstrap layouts. So, as long as you use the regular DS layouts, it's all fine. For me, I've solved the problem.